Sponsor Packages

Gold Level - Introduction

Sponsor banner is displayed on the delegate's home screen for the entire conference.
Dynamic content can alternate messages.
Short video will autoplay when delegates land on their home screen.
Sponsor logo is displayed on the conference website.
Acknowledgement as a gold level conference sponsor during introductory comments.
A link to your webpage will be embedded in your banner.

$ 500.00

Scavenger Hunt

This package provides the sponsor the opportunity to include two single-sided pages of paper in a package mailed to delegates who have been selected to receive items from the online scavenger hunt. 
Information must be sent electronically for printing to be enclosed with package.
Maximum size per sheet of paper is 8-1/2 x 11.
Full colour printing of information provided.
Double-sided printing available but a double-sided document is considered two pages.
Acknowledgement as scavenger hunt sponsorship will be included on delegate submission form.
Logo will be displayed on conference website.

$ 150.00

Sponsor Application

enter the name of the company/organization

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Marketing Information (will be made public)

Note: The website address has to start with http:// or https://.

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