Serious Play Building your Social Emotional Learning Workshop (K-Gr.3)

Serious Play: Expanding your Social Emotional Learning Toolbox (Kg. - Gr. 3)


Social-Emotional Learning is the umbrella that guides our processes in addressing community building, self-regulation, mental health, pro-social relationships, positive behaviours, and growth mindset. Building your Social-Emotional learning toolbox is a workshop where delegates dive into both the broad and specific foundations of social emotional learning. The workshops’ learning opportunities are amplified by the inclusion of hands-on group games and activities that address various social emotional learning constructs. The experiential and play-based nature of the workshop will also allow participants to learn first-hand how effective facilitation and debriefing can increase the meaningful engagement in social emotional learning with students in Kg to Gr. 3. The content presented and explored through a variety of means will also provide an experience, whereby, delegates will deepen their own understanding of and connection to social emotional learning. Delegates will leave the workshop with ideas, tools and resources that can be implemented within their practices immediately. Come ready to play!

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A1 Friday 10:30 AM - 11:30 AM

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  • Vancouver School Board and Inquiry Adventures
    Sheldon Franken

    Sheldon Franken has a B.Ed. in Physical Education and a M.A. in Counselling Psychology. Sheldon is a school counsellor for the Vancouver School Board and the workshop facilitator and owner of Inquiry Adventures. Sheldon is known for his activity based and hands-on learning style of facilitation. He has presented workshops and Keynotes on various active and experiential social-emotional learning topics to educational and mental wellness organizations across North America.