BounceBack® Youth: New Referral Process for BC Secondary School Counsellors

BounceBack® is a free evidence-based skill-building program designed to help individuals 15+ manage low mood, mild to moderate depression, anxiety, stress or worry. It is delivered online or over the phone with a trained coach from the Canadian Mental Health Association in BC. The program is designed to introduce cognitive behavioral therapy concepts through applied practice. BounceBack® has shown to reduce symptoms of depression and anxiety by half and over 90% of participants said they would recommend it others. Many secondary school counsellors agreed that the program is an effective early mental health intervention and a good fit for students who are currently on waitlists for in-person support.


In 2018, our youth advisory committee identified that the coaching program referral requirement from a primary care provider may be a barrier for some youth age 15-18. Based on this feedback, we partnered with over 100 BC Secondary School Counsellors across the province to launch the BounceBack® School Counsellor Referral Pilot Project, allowing secondary school counsellors to directly refer their students to the program. School counsellors worked in partnership with our coaches to ensure youth have adequate support outside of the program for the duration of their participation. Counsellors shared that the referral pathway was a useful addition to their toolkit as an early intervention program as well as a step-up and step-down option from other services.

Based on the success of the pilot, direct referral to BounceBack® is now open to all secondary school counsellors in BC. We invite you to join this orientation session and learn how you can include BounceBack® in your toolkit.

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Thursday 10:30 AM - 12:00 PM

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  • Canadian Mental Health Association- BC Division
    Dr. Kimberley Da Silva

    Dr. Kimberley Da Silva a is a Registered Psychologist, who works primarily with children and adolescents. The main focus of her clinical practice is providing psychological treatment to children, adolescents, and their parents to teach healthy and effective coping skills and enhance family functioning. Dr. Da Silva has been the youth clinical consult for BounceBack® since 2017 and has played a key role in adapting the program for youth 15-18, and provides clinical oversight to BounceBack® coaches.  

    Dr. Da Silva has a range of clinical experience in individual and group therapy, including cognitive-behavioural therapy (CBT), social-skills training, and dialectical behavior therapy (DBT). She has co-led groups for children and adolescents with anxiety and social skills difficulties. More recently she completed extensive training in OCD treatment through the International OCD Foundation (IOCDF). She specializes in treating social, behavioural and emotional issues in children and teens including: depression, selective mutism, anxiety disorders such as separation anxiety, generalized anxiety disorder, specific phobias, social anxiety disorder, and obsessive-compulsive disorder. In addition, Dr. Da Silva works with adolescents struggling with self-harm behavior (e.g. cutting) and low self-esteem, as well as teens who are having a hard time managing school-related stress. Dr. Da Silva also has experience working with parents on issues including family conflict, behavioural concerns, and adjustment to illness, separation and divorce.

    Dr. Da Silva completed her Ph.D. at Simon Fraser University and her clinical internship at BC Children’s Hospital. In addition to her practice at NSSAC, she currently works part-time at the Maples Adolescent Treatment Centre, where she is part of a multi-disciplinary team conducting psychological assessments with at-risk youth from all over the province.

  • Canadian Mental Health Association- BC Division
    Stephanie Streicher