ATTENTION: The Key to Success & Less Stress)

ATTENTION: The Key to Success & Less Stress


Participants will learn how the ancient technique of Breath Awareness can help you develop focus and attention and reduce stress.  It is a simple, yet powerful method that is easy to learn, difficult to do, yet has a positive effect on your mind and body. This workshop may especially interest teachers and counsellors who require ways to help children who suffer anxiety or who have difficulty focusing. Doing breath awareness comes naturally to children when they are given the right guidance and time to practice. Breath Awareness has both short and long term benefits that can alleviate stress in minutes while strengthening the mind for a lifetime.

The session begins with an introductory talk about how Breath Awareness works, then participants will be given opportunity to practice the technique. They will need comfortable clothing, a supportive chair for sitting for about 20 - 30 minutes, and be in a quiet setting. Through direct experience practicing the technique, participants will gain an understanding of how it works. After the practice session, there will be time for questions and opportunity to relate experiences with each another. Notes will be emailed in advance; there will be no need to write during the session.


Looking forward to sharing this wonderful technique with you. Heidi

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I look forward to sharing with you two techniques: breath awareness and sensation observation. The first is used to sharpen your focus; the second it to investigate what is happening inside your body. The Breath Awareness technique can be taught to children; the second technique is more advanced.  The best way to understand the effectiveness of these ancient techniques is through actual experience. Our workshop will begin with an introduction and intellectual explanation of how they work and then we will have a series of short practice sessions. These will include sitting in a comfortable chair and if possible, minimizing distractions. During the exercises, we will have the microphones on mute. Then after each practice session, we will have some questions. During the practice sessions you may also shut off your video if you wish. So, do wear comfortable clothing and ensure you have a good chair for sitting up straight. If you have questions please email Looking forward to meeting you! Heidi 


A1 Friday 10:30 AM - 11:30 AM

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    Heidi Thompson, BFA, Dipl.Photography, BCCT

    During the 1990’s there was a growing awareness concerning children who suffered attention deficit and hyperactive disorders. Heidi Thompson was a mother of a child just entering the school system and was unwilling to accept that children have this “condition” of attention deficit. She believed that the problem stemmed more from how children were educated and what they were exposed to during their formative years. The modern way of life provided less opportunity for young people to develop their minds and capacity to focus. Combining the lack of mind-training with poor nutrition, excessive television and overstimulation exasperated the problem.

    Heidi envisioned that public schools would be the best place to remedy attention deficit in children by providing mind-developing curriculum. Based on ten years of her own experience practicing an ancient technique called Breath Awareness she knew that one’s faculty of attention could be strengthened. It just takes time and effort.

    Heidi pioneered a program called Advanced Attention Development. For several years she taught AAD to children of all ages, abilities and disabilities in private and public schools .The progress in children were significant. In 2012, she wrote the book Calm Focus Joy: The Power of Breath Awareness which presents a practical guide for parents and teachers. The lessons in the book explain the technique and then how to teach it to children. Heidi Thompson’s approach to developing young minds with breath awareness garnered praise from David Suzuki, Daniel Goleman, and Jack Kornfield. Deepak Chopra also reviewed her work and commended the program. He wrote: “I applaud your vision and commitment to children”.