Student and Mentor Support: Implementing myBlueprint for the Capstone Project


Are you looking for ways to support students as they prepare for their Capstone projects in Career-Life Connections? Or, do you want to provide viable methods for mentors as they help guide this process? This session will outline how myBlueprint can be used in all three stages of CLC’s Capstone project: through self-assessment and critical analysis, process and representation, and showcase and celebration. The Capstone project is an exciting, student-driven opportunity to explore strengths and passions as well as share work to a captive audience. While it is important to be mindful of student agency throughout the project, using myBlueprint can truly streamline the process for students and mentors. Participants will be shown the various tools available within myBlueprint’s Education Planner that can support each stage of the Capstone, including, but not limited to: digital portfolios, goal setting, post-secondary and occupation exploration, and self-assessment surveys. Additionally, participants will be provided with resources that can be shared with students as they navigate this learning journey. myBlueprint’s Capstone Project Student Guide provides a checklist that supports portfolio creation, documentation, and reflection. Finally, participants will be provided with resources that they can share with Capstone mentors to help save time and promote strength in practice. Participants will be provided with a brand new, 1-page Mentor Guide to support mentees throughout the Capstone project to assist them with providing real-time feedback using the digital portfolio tool. Additionally, the Capstone Project exemplar portfolio is an invaluable resource that can help both students and mentors visualize all the project’s components using myBlueprint. Although there are still uncertainties surrounding education as a result of the pandemic, the world outside of the classroom is slowly opening back up for students, including capstone opportunities. Together we can “Rise in Strength” to deliver a comprehensive support system for students as they navigate this unique learning opportunity. 

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10:00 AM - 11:30 AM

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    Natalie Priest

    I am an Education Coordinator at myBlueprint, and in my role, I help educators implement myBlueprint's digital portfolio and career planning tools. I have 12 years of classroom teaching experience, teaching in South Korea, Mexico, and Ontario. This experience, paired with a Master of Arts in Educational Technology, has made me a passionate advocate for providing students with the opportunity to digitally document their learning journeys while creating a positive online profile.