Selfies, Social Media & Technology - How it is Affecting us Body, Mind & Soul

Everywhere you look heads are down and faces not engaged in one another. Living in a time where we are constantly connected but more disconnected than ever before. Anxiety and depression are rising in epidemic proportions and you have to wonder if all of this does not play a key role in the issues youth are facing body, mind and soul. 

Being lost in an unrealistic world of selfies, social media and technology is a major contirbuting factor to unwellness today. Some of the literature and studies available to us currently argue that blue light is not detrimental to the eyes or that excessive screen time is affecting the development of the brain but we say 'how do they know?' The experiment is currently ongoing and our children are the guinea pigs. We are now rearing the first generation to have never known life without iPhone in hand, internet or social pages. Is this okay - and is it our generation's responsibility to ensure the gifts within do not become extinct?

It is necessary we take a step back from technology in the early years to ensure our children have a solid foundation. All this anxiety keeps people collapsed over their hearts and inward. I fear our children will miss the stories inside of them so important to shine on the world and which allow them the opportunity to help others. With a focus on builiding tools within which go with people wherever they go in life as they navigate the world. Activating these gifts and abilities also allows their pain and trauma to flow into something more positive.

People are aware there is a problem with technology out there and they know it is affecting us but they do not understand the repercussions coming forth unless we make healthier choices.

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    Kim Laureen

    Kim Laureen is co founder of Fresh Independence Productions - a writer, speaker and advocate for youth and families at risk. She is director of the award winning documentary 'selfless'. Kim says being a mom of 8 has prepared her well and lends authenticity, compassion and understanding to the challenges parents, educators and counsellors face today.