ChatterHigh 2.0: learning modules for Mental Health & Wellness, COVID-19 Awareness & Prevention, Workplace Safety and more

The Canadian Career Development Foundation evaluated the impact of ChatterHigh (2017 EdTech of the Year in Canada), a classroom-based career exploration tool that harnesses technology and gamification to engage students in career development.  With data from both student and educator perspectives, the results highlight best practice in career education, but also a method of education that successfully gets students to interact with 'real-world' websites.


Conference themes around the world highlight the need for innovation and fresh new approaches in order to support youth to explore widely, broaden their horizons and ensure equitable opportunities, despite the 'information gap' that exists for many.  ChatterHigh is one such innovative approach, providing youth with access to quality exploration of critical information, both in the classroom and at home.  Unlike most other online education programs, ChatterHigh focuses on real-world exploration so that youth begin to see wider possibilities, begin to believe in a future for themselves, gather critical information and build the skills and strategies they need to achieve success.



As a result of COVID-19 and self-isolation, ChatterHigh expanded their platform to include high quality learning modules for mental health & wellness, COVID-19 Awareness & Prevention, WorkSafeBC: COVID-19 in the Workplace, and JABC's Economics For Success.  Districts are adding modules of their own, such as Trades & Transitions and Dual Credit Programs. These modules are easily deployed and assessed by any teacher, without requiring subject matter expertise, whether students are at home or in-class.


This session will be useful for educators (e.g. CLE/CLC/PhysEd) or counsellors working with middle or secondary school students, and in addition to sharing the research findings, will focus on how to create student engagement with all of these topics.

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    Lee Taal

    A TEDx, keynote and school presenter, Lee Taal is the Founder of 2017 Canadian EdTech of the Year, ChatterHigh.  With a diverse career background in science, military, transportation, technology and business, he uses his unique story in schools to help inspire students to get actively exploring opportunities for life after high school.  He has presented to over 50,000 students in career exploration classes across Canada for the past 11 years, with a mission of helping spark the conversation.  Lee is on the Board of C21: Canadians for 21st Century Learning & Innovation.

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