Moving Trauma Informed Practices from the Counselling Office to the rest of the School

Many of us now understand the impacts that trauma or adverse childhood experiences can have on a student’s behaviour, academic ability, and social functioning.  How do we shift our knowledge to other staff members and change the focus from supporting individual students to implementing class or school wide approaches?  The best part about trauma informed practice is that it is universal and can benefit all students regardless of specific trauma history.  In this workshop we will: 

  • review some of the research about Adverse Childhood Experiences
  • explore some examples of schools that have adopted school-wide trauma sensitive strategies
  • share some success stories of teachers/staff members that have implemented specific strategies
  • discuss the challenges we face as School Counsellors in getting staff on board

Target Audience



Friday 10:30 AM - 12:00 PM

This session is full.


  • Delta School District
    Susan Lim

    Susan Lim, a school counsellor in the Delta School District for the past 28 years, has a passion for learning and sharing information about "Trauma Informed Practices" in schools.  Having worked in both Elementary and Secondary schools, Susan has shifted her lens from addressing "behaviours" in children to being "trauma informed." Susan wants to share her knowledge so that children can be changed through how adults see students who have experienced Adverse Childhood Experiences. Susan has presented to Delta school district colleagues (Teachers, Education Assistants, Administration) a number of times and has presented to the BC Alternate Education Conference in February 2019.

  • Delta School District
    Terri Farnden

    Terri, formerly a Biology teacher, is currently a Delta District Coordinator with an Elementary Focus.  She works with a number of elementary schools to assist in the successful inclusion of students with designations.  Her Elementary Counselling years have opened her eyes to the number of students who come to school with traumatic histories.  She has a passion for sharing her knowledge with schools about how ACE’s can impact a child’s learning and behaviour.