Student Panel - Thriving in Uncertainty: self-awareness, confidence and coping skills

What factors determine a young person’s ability to thrive in life after high school? How can we help youth build the skills they need to embrace uncertainty as they develop their own unique path after high school? 


Join us to hear from Discover Year graduates who have experienced post-secondary studies in the COVID era and learn how they have been able to effectively navigate the many challenges that have come with it. They will share their perspectives on the skills, attitudes and supports that enabled them to persist and maintain a positive outlook during these challenging circumstances.

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2:00 PM - 3:30 PM

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  • Discover Year
    Jay Gosselin


    Jay Gosselin is a career and leadership coach and the founder of MentorU and the Discover Year program. His passion is helping young people identify and fulfill their potential in the service of others. His greatest strength is navigating difficult situations, conversations and challenges with empathy and honesty, and helping others do the same.


    TEDx talk (2018):


    I have presented at numerous conferences over the past 10 years, including CANNEXUS, Ontario School Counsellors Association, Ontario Cooperative Education Association, Gap Year Association, and many more. I believe that our websites and my LinkedIn profile should contain all information and background nececssary to validate my credibility, but I would also be happy to provide references from past conferences, etc. should you want them.

  • ChatterHigh
    Deborah Deacon


    Deborah Deacon obtained her Master’s in History from the University of Victoria in 2018, where she wrote about the historical relationships between gender, sexuality, mental health, and suicide. Now the Content Manager at ChatterHigh, she works to engage young people in topics like post-secondary & career exploration, financial literacy, and mental health in fun and accessible ways. Since early 2020, Deborah and her team have been creating “Mindful Modules” to build awareness about available mental health resources, information, and support for students across Canada and the United States.