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Many students feel pressured to pursue post-secondary education but often have no idea where to start. Counsellors may find keeping track of deadlines and details for post-secondary institutions equally overwhelming. The good news is that planning for post-secondary education and applying to BC public universities, colleges and institutes has improved, thanks to the BC government-funded website  

EducationPlannerBC is a centralized online resource that helps students explore and apply to post-secondary institutions in BC. Our website presents information in an easy to read format, and supports you in helping your students plan for a successful journey into post-secondary education. 

In our workshop you will learn how to: find programs related to students’ interests or career aspirations; view admission requirements and application deadlines; access links to financial aid and scholarship information; find budgeting tools; and know where to turn to for help with applications for admission.  Our workshop will focus on resources you can use and share with students and parents.  

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A4 Friday 2:00 PM - 3:30 PM

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  • EducationPlannerBC
    Christina Zaenker

    Christina Zaenker joined EducationPlannerBC in June 2018 after spending seven years in Kamloops working as an Enrolment Services Officer for TRU and TRU Open Learning.  In that position, she spoke with students of all ages and backgrounds, living in every corner of BC, discussing options for their education.  In her role with EducationPlannerBC she enjoys sharing the EPBC website and BC post-secondary information with high school students, counselors, and parents around the province. 

  • EducationPlannerBC
    Poonam Santiago

    Poonam Santiago joined EducationPlannerBC in February 2020. Prior to, she worked in Academic Advising and many aspects of Internationalization at Universities in Canada and abroad. She is thrilled at this opportunity to share her knowledge of post-secondary education and to show how simple tools can have huge impacts on the choices we make when planning our educational paths.