Support student well-being and transitions with myBlueprint: A toolkit for educators

Are you an educator looking to promote well-being in your school by providing students with opportunities to express themselves? This session will highlight how to build a safe and inclusive environment so that students can share their passions, strengths, and reflect on their experiences in an interactive student-driven digital portfolio with myBlueprint Education Planner. This session will also tackle how to prepare and better equip students with the overwhelming stress many face around major transitions in their lives. Educators will be provided with myBlueprint transition planning lessons and activities to support students through transitioning to high school or post-secondary and confidently navigating their next steps. Furthermore, educators will leave this session with student-friendly guides that include key mental health information to provide students with the knowledge, skills and confidence to create a positive narrative around mental health for themselves and others, direct links to multiple health services resources, and engaging lesson plans designed to walk students through the creation of a mental health portfolio.  By providing students with a personal digital portfolio to reflect on positive well-being as well as removing barriers and stigma associated with mental health and help-seeking, educators offer pathways and resources to support students’ cognitive, social, emotional and physical needs.

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A3 Friday 12:30 PM - 1:55 PM

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    Meredith Melvin

    Meredith Melvin completed her Bachelor of Education from McGill University and previously worked as a classroom teacher supporting students from grades 2-8. Her role at myBlueprint as Support Coordinator is centred around training educators in the implementation of myBlueprint programs in their schools and classrooms and empowering students to make the most informed decisions about their futures.