You're a counsellor-- not an emerg doc: why ACEs and trauma DOES matter to you (and your students).

The presentation will outline and review the science of ACEs:

-the originating study from 1998, the outcomes from it, how trauma effects the body from a physiological standpoint, epigenetics

-a review of types of stress, current societal issues contributing to it and how to combat it with resiliance

-recognizing the behaviors that can manifest from stress/ACEs

-the pillars of trauma-informed care and how to incorporate that into a school setting

Workshop will include some small group discussions and summary handouts will be available of the workshop (electronically or printed; as organizers prefer)

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Friday 1:00 PM - 4:15 PM

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  • Tahmeena Ali

    I have practiced as a family physician for over seventeen years and also work at the Vine Youth Clinic and the MCFD child and youth mental health clinic on a regular basis. I led a multi-disciplinary team of school counsellors, administration, MCFD staff and physicians to create the school triage team; the first of its kind in BC. The team meets twice a month to review challenging student presentations with school counsellors and teachers to help brainstorm ways they can further support the child in need.  I am also an active member of the provincical ACEs working group within the Doctors of BC, and I am one of the first family physicians in my area utilizing the ACEs questionnaire routinely in my practice. I have presented to diverse groups: multiple government ministries at the Best Brains Exchange in October 2018; Surrey school counsellors; family physicians; RCMP and victim services staff; and at the 2nd ACEs summit held in Richmond, BC in May 2019. I have travelled across the US to attend seminars to learn more about ACEs and how to incorporate it into primary care and beyond. I have been asked to consult with the Doctors of BC on the ACEs guidelines and teaching seminars which are currently in development for physicians. I am also a mother of three and know first hand the challenges of helping kids who are struggling with mental health challenges.