24 Tips & Tools for Grieving Children

The need to support grieving children at school is greater than ever in the wake of COVID 19.  Many children have experienced the death of a parent, grandparent, caregiver, family member or friend in addition to living with many uncertainties and lifestyle changes.  Sadly, many children are left twice: first by the death and then again when their grief is not recognized and supported at home.

This workshop is designed to equip school counselors with tools and activities that can be implemented with grieving children ages 6 to 12.  The workshop covers eight 45-minute sessions with simple creative activities that help the child tell their story, better imderstand  their grief, express their feelings and acquire coping tools. The interaction generates healing therapeutic alliances as demonstrated by over 20 years of use in hospice, public schools and church settings. 

This curriculum was recently adapted to be faith-based but is very flexible to suit the setting and profile of any group of children.  Counselors attending this workshop will Rise in Strength and confidence to nurture healing in grieving children.

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2:00 PM - 3:30 PM

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  • KidTalkGrief
    Mel Erickson

    Mel Erickson BA, CT (ret) is a certified grief specialist and has been working with bereaved children over 30 years in hospice, public school and church settings. In 1997 she co-founded a non-profit serving the bereaved community. She co-authored Teen Talk, An 8-week Curriculum for Grieving Teenagers and wrote the ‘Our Story’ Memory Book as a tool to help children tell their story and process their grief. She has spoken and delivered training internationally. She has recently published three books: Kid Talk A Faith-Based Curriculum for Grieving Kids which includes the Our Story Memory Book but can be purchased separatey and 12 Simple Tips and Tools to Help a Grieving Child: What I Wish I Had Known When My Son Died. For more info visit www.kidtalkgrief.com 

  • KidTalkGrief
    Rae Ann Kelly

    Rae Ann is a retired school teacher.  As an army wife she taught all ages in many places around the world.  She coordinated the Adult Basic Ed program at a local technical college and supervised student teachers from Washington State University.  Since 2012 she has served as a Kid Talk facilitator.