Sharing Strategies on the Implementation of a Substance Use Prevention Programme across the School District

Traditional approached to substance use prevention in schools has consisted of Universally based presentations that have not held up in the research. Given the diversity among students in the classroom, many students do not find universal drug information applicable to their situation. The challenge becomes getting the right information and strategies to the right students.

PreVenture's unique approach is targeted to students unique personality characteristics and offers training, information and skills based workshops in the attempt to improve mental health outcomes, and decreased substance related harms and dependencies. 

Josh Van der Meer, Kevin Prouse and Doug Rogers hope to introduce and discuss two different strategies from two school districts in how they implemented Preventure, where they are at now, and where they plan to be in future years. They will introduce the rationale for this program, explain the unique way that it is implemented, and highlight different ways that this program can be introduced in your school district. There will be time for Q&A following the presentation. 

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2:00 PM - 3:30 PM

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  • School District 57
    Josh Van der Meer

    Josh is a Registered Social Worker, who serves as an Addictions Specialist for SD 57 in Prince George. Josh has over 10 years of clinical experience as a Youth Mental Health and Addictions Counsellor. Part of Josh's portfolio as Addictions Specialist is to oversee the implimentation of the Preventure program district wide.  

  • SD 57
    Kevin Prouse

    Bio and photo to be submitted in due course. 


    *Please note, we would like to introduce a third presenter, Doug Rogers from SD 22, to enrich this presentation further.