Resilience Can Be Taught: 10 Strategies Proven to Motivate Any Student

Want to engage every student in your classroom? Participants who attend the proposed session

will learn 1) how to speak the language of today’s youth using relevant multimedia, physical

activities, and visual metaphors; 2) how youth can take the challenges they face in life and

channel them in a positive direction; and 3) how to guide youth in building positive support

systems. Ultimately, this presentation will provide the audience with tools to help students in

any tier answer the question, “Why try in life?”


Emphasizing the importance of multiple intelligence approaches, this presentation will highlight

the significance of teaching youth social and emotional life skills in ways youth can relate to and

remember. The multiple intelligence approaches emphasized in this presentation will include

videos, music, hands-on activities, journaling, discussion, and ten visual metaphors.


The ten strategies addressed in this session center around these easy-to-understand ten visual

metaphors.  Using PowerPoint, video, and activities, the audience will receive a walkthrough of

each of these metaphors while explaining what each teaches youth.  The presentation will give

special focus to one metaphor in particular, entitled “The Reality Ride,” to demonstrate teaching

an entire lesson using multiple intelligence approaches.  This lesson teaches youth that choices

have consequences, and shows them how to get on a path that leads them to opportunity,

freedom, and self-respect.

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A4 Friday 2:00 PM - 3:30 PM

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  • Why Try Organization
    Bruce Bushnell

    For 26 years, Bruce Bushnell has centered his career around promoting youth suc-

    cess. This career began as a high school counselor, where Bruce devoted his time and

    expertise as a member of the Executive High School Relations Board, senior vice president of the Alpine Counseling Association, and vice president of the Utah Counselor Association.


    Bruce now helps youth succeed by presenting passionate WhyTry keynotes and trainings across the country. As an advocate of the program from its earliest days, Bruce is also the creator of many of the WhyTry learning activities, which are proven to help youth develop the social and emotional skills necessary to reach their goals.


    Bruce also worked as the chairman for the Advancement of Youth Leadership at Utah Valley University. His honors and awards include Utah Counselor of the Year, Special Service Award for his district, First Lady Citizenship and Drug Prevention Award, and the national Drug-Free School Recognition Award, presented to him by President Bush at the White House Rose Garden.