Resilience Can Be Taught: 4 Keys to Unleashing Resilience

Grit. Fortitude. Determination. Resilience. No matter what you call it, teachers and administrators nationwide agree that there has never been a greater need to teach our students how to thrive in school and in life.  Studies have shown that students who score higher on resilience measures have improved social skills, higher grades, a greater love of learning, and better decision-making skills.


The breakthrough idea of this presentation is that resilience can be taught. In fact, it’s something we are all born with – from the homeless person on the street to the brightest Harvard professor. Most of us – including many of our schools’ most struggling students – just haven’t learned how to access what’s already inside. In this presentation, participants will learn about the vital skills of resilience found in WhyTry Founder Christian Moore’s book, “The Resilience Breakthrough: 27 Tools for Turning Adversity into Action.” This engaging presentation will empower participants to deliver these skills to students of any background and learning style.


In this session, participants will be introduced to four sources of resilience that will help students learn to look at their problems differently. These four sources are:


  • Relational Resilience: The ability to draw motivation from the support of others and others’ dependence on you.
  • Street Resilience: Using disrespect, discrimination, and mistakes as fuel to propel you forward in life.
  • Resource Resilience: The recognition that resilience can be increased by accessing seen and unseen resources around you.
  • Rock Bottom Resilience: The belief in your ability, even when you’re at your lowest point, to change your circumstances, combat hopelessness, and fight on.


When students internalize the principles behind each of these sources, they are able to transform problems into positive motivation to help them succeed in school and post-secondary life.


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Friday 1:00 PM - 4:15 PM

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    Christian Moore

    Christian Moore is an internationally renowned speaker, licensed clinical social worker, and author of The Resilience Breakthrough.  Christian spent most of his childhood years on the streets near Washington, D.C.  Due to learning disabilities, counselors informed him that college wasn’t an option. However, Christian became a well-respected recipient of a master's degree. As a social worker in education, youth corrections, and a homeless program, Christian saw the need for a new approach and created WhyTry. The WhyTry Program that he authored is used in over 20,000 institutions worldwide.  He speaks at over 100 conferences a year and consults with thousands of school districts on lowering dropout rates, improving school climate, preventing bullying, and closing the achievement gap by teaching social and emotional education.