selfless - Loneliness in the Social Media Age

selfless has been bursting hearts wide open where ever it is shown. It is about connection to the simple things in life. Though it was shot for youth it is resonating deeply with adults as well.

selfless opens conversation to the ever growing epidemic with selfies, social media and technology. However this is not an anti technology film but rather a reflection on our devices and how we can help our children live strong and healthy in this new challenging time.

In our earliest days of storyboarding we pondered 'If a girl lived in the forest with no mirrors, magazines or social media - What would beautiful look like to her and how would she see herself?' Then sweet Kuki found us and off the grid we went to the hills of Devon, England where our story began.

What we love about this film is the weight it lends to the theory of feeling - something we've fallen away from in a world moving so fast. We traveled to high schools across Canada and the USA and what we heard was the same underlying message of 'Loneliness in the social media age.'

selfless ultimately asks the question 'What are we reaching for?'

The story delivers four key messages:

Never take more than you give
Beauty is felt not seen
Happiness is found helping others
Life is precious, don't miss it

selfless has become multi layered for its inspirational back story - messages offered within and #RaiseTheBar a point of action to move forward. It has received outstanding reviews from HBO Documentaries, Participant Media, Fathom Events - Focus on the Family, Youth Unlimited and now Rotary Clubs.

During presentation we will explore the gift of human touch and why don't we place more value on what we feel? 

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    Kim Laureen

    By way of introduction my name is Kim Laureen. Mother - Grandmother - writer and filmmaker.

    I am Director of the newly released documentary selfless, which examines the effects of selfies, social media and technology on youth. My concern arose while looking around with heads down and faces not engaged in one another and was left wondering where we are leading the next generation. I am a Mother to 8 children ranging in age from 18 - 39 and have experienced teens through four decades and have watched the challenges grow with evolving technology. University Professors have expressed they have never seen so much anxiety walk through their classroom doors. 

    I am not anti technology whatsoever - but I want to help people to live strong and healthy in this new time.

    I wholeheartedly believe the reach this project has for youth, parents, teachers, counsellors and mentors in the community. Reconnection is a viable option for everyone but we need to begin talking.