Trauma-Informed Practice and Self-Care: The Red Cross Response to Social Emergencies

This workshop will explore trauma-informed practice and self-care in the context of the Red Cross social emergency response in Canada. Through the lens of a social-ecological model, participants will consider psychological safety, historic and intergenerational Indigenous trauma, and the effects of individual, family, community and cultural trauma. Participants will also become familiar with emerging practice standards when working with people and communities that have experienced trauma.


This workshop will assist participants in developing a personal understanding of the effects of stress, loss, trauma and grief, with emphasis on self-care and personal protection. Participants will also be introduced to the Red Cross Look, Listen, Link, Live model and will learn to foster resilience by implementing strategies to cope with various types of stress.

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Friday 1:00 PM - 4:15 PM

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  • Yvette Plante

    Yvette Plante

    Agency: Canadian Red Cross, Respect Education


    Yvette Plante has been with the Canadian Red Cross Respect Education program for seven years—partnering with school districts to promote respect and prevent violence in schools across the province. Yvette trains dozens of teachers every year, has developed lessons for CRC and external agency delivery, and is the co-Author of the CRC Beyond the Hurt: Preventing Bullying and Harassment Manual for educators.


    Yvette has over 15 years of experience working as both an Analytical Manager with the RCMP and a high school Social Studies teacher. She is also an author and contributing editor of several educational publications, which are widely used by school districts throughout British Columbia.


    Yvette is passionate about working to create stronger communities and inspire future leaders.




    BA in Honours Political Science, University of British Columbia

    MA in Political Science—International Development, University of Toronto

    BEd in Intermediate/Senior History and Politics, University of Toronto


  • Chris MacPherson

    Chris MacPherson

    Agency: Canadian Red Cross, Respect Education


    Chris MacPherson has been a Respect Education: Violence & Abuse Prevention Master Trainer with the Canadian Red Cross since 1994. Chris has worked extensively throughout BC and in other parts of Canada, providing trainings for teachers, health and support workers, sport/youth organizations and Indigenous communities. She also brings experience responding to natural and social crises with the Canadian Red Cross Disaster Management team.


    Chris subscribes to a collaborative style of learning that brings multiple layers of knowledge, connection and fun to her workshops. She believes that knowledge is an important piece in preventing harm and promoting wellness. Chris recognizes the personal impact that can arise for caregiving professionals and is passionate about supporting them with the tools to sustain their critical work.