How to Transform the impact of Trauma through utilizing the latest research in neuroscience in the sand tray


This workshop weaves together current research and theories of neuroscience with Satir psychotherapy and sand tray therapy in this author-developed therapeutic approach called “Neuroscience and Satir in the Sand Tray” (NSST). The research is clear that only 30% of trauma can be transformed via the left brain traditional talk therapy. The other 70% has to accessed through non-verbal right brain body-based and metaphorical ways. When using the principles of NSST, sequestered dissociated parts of self can be accessed in the form of figurines in the sand tray. The defences that build up in the form of “acting out and/or in can be transformed in the metaphorical play. This is done by creating safety between the student and the counsellor and then within the play. This, in turn, creates an internal sense of safety this virtual workshop the theory and practice of all three parts of NSST will be explained and elucidated. This therapeutic approach achieves the transformation of the defences by eliciting first the projective identification into the figurines, and then subsequent enactments(s) that bring about profound “ah-ha” moments of transformation. This theory is elucidated with videos and photographs of children using the sand tray. This workshop will illustrate how such strong, familiar patterns of protection can be transformed firstly within the sand tray before this occurs in the body so that the client can experience themselves as being different at a cellular level through epigenetics. Ideally during this presentation participants will be safely ensconced with one or two colleagues and one sand tray and some figurines. This will allow for a virtual experiential exploration of the power of this work.

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If possible meet up with a bubble colleague and a sand tray and figurines, so that you can experience the power of the Sand Tray. I will send you a PowerPoint soon.


Friday 10:30 AM - 3:30 PM

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  • Counselling for Children and Families
    Madeleine De Little

    Madeleine has been an elementary and high school counsellor for over 30 years. Concurrently she has a private practice in her cottage at the bottom of her garden in Fort Langley. Madeleine is a Certified Clinical Counsellor and a Registered Clinical Supervisor. She is also an educator of an approach that she has designed herself. This approach is called “Neuroscience and Satir in the Sand Tray or NSST. Her teaching has taken her all over the world. Madeleine has written a book called "Where Words Can’t Reach: Neuroscience and the Satir Model in the Sand Tray", 1st & 2nd Edition. Madeleine is a Faculty member of the Banmen Satir China Management Centre and the Research Chair for the Satir Institute of the Pacific. She has been a Radio Host, on the Empowerment Chanel of Voice America with her own program called, "Where Words Can’t Reach: Shedding Light on our Dark Side.”