Preparing Students for Success in an Age of Disruption

Disruptive technology has changed every aspect of our lives. And this change is exerting tremendous pressure on young people, evidenced in the record levels of stress, anxiety, and depression students are experiencing.  


What more, technology has also disrupted the skills young people need to thrive and succeed in our increasingly automated world.


At a time when knowledge and information are widely accessible and robots can perform IQ jobs better, faster, and cheaper than the smartest humans – attributes like intelligence, IQ, and technical skills can only predict 25% of a person’s long-term success.


The remaining 75% of long-term success is predicted, the research shows us, by three critical competencies: 1) mindset, 2) EQ and interpersonal skills, and 3) our ability to handle stress and adversity.


My presentation will therefore focus on helping guidance counsellors understand why these three skills are so important, how to build them in students and integrate them into the classroom, and thus how to better prepare students for success and wellbeing in an age of rapid disruption. 

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Thursday 10:30 AM - 12:00 PM

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    Elan Divon

    Thank you for your consideration and my appologies for the delyaed submission! 
    As founder and CEO of Divon Academy, I work with high school and university students (as well as professionals), in helping them develop skills that are crucial to thier long term success and wellbeing. Much of this has to do with helping students develop a growth mindset, resilience, as well as stronger coping mechanisms and social support systems. Our goal is to prevent students from having unnecessary breakdowns and stress, while building skills that will help them thrive in school, in their future careers, in their relationships, and beyond. (See formal bio below)

    Elan Divon Bio


    Elan Divon is an author, educator, and founder of Divon Academy: an organization that prepares students and professionals for success in an age of disruption by teaching skills essential to personal growth, success, and wellbeing.


    Following a brush with death while a soldier in the Israeli army, Elan left home and later quit a lucrative job in Manhattan to immerse himself in the study of ancient wisdom traditions and belief systems. He studied archaeology and comparative religion at McGill, Brandeis, and Harvard Universities, and went on to apply his knowledge to the education and non-profit sectors.


    Since then, Elan has delivered countless personal and professional development workshops to audiences around the world. He has worked with embattled Israeli and Palestinian teenagers, the homeless, CEO’s, business leaders, educators and students, bringing practical wisdom to the business, educational, and social challenges of our day.



    Non-Profit Sector Experience:
    During his tenure as Vice President of Canadian Friends of Hebrew University, Elan co-founded The Einstein Legacy Project to inspire the next generation of creative minds on the planet. The project was featured on NASDAQ and partnered with the European Space Agency to find and support young innovators in underserved communities in Africa. During this time, Elan also co-created Genius 100 Visions: the world’s first 3D printed book featuring essays from 100 leading minds and luminaries including Mayor Michael Bloomberg, Frank Gehry, Justice Ruth Bader-Ginsburg, the late President Shimon Peres, and Nobel Prize winners.  


    Writing and publications:

    Elan blogs for the Huffington Post, The Hearty Soul, and previously, Beliefnet. His first book, Reaching Beyond the Religious maps seven universal wisdom teachings onto the complexities of modern life. His forthcoming book, ‘The Initiation,’ draws upon the life stories and teachings of the world’s religious founders to explore the process through which people find their callings and develop the tools and character to make them a reality. 


    More about Elan at and