We Need Trauma Sensitive Educators and Institutions: Strategies for Success

Trauma, whether nature made or human created, affects all of us but most especialy children.  And, trauma is cumulative.  Recent events can trigger traumatic responses.  As educators and counselors, we need to be able to identify trauma in our students.  The symptomology takes different forms but one thing is true: children did not choose to be traumatized and are not to blame for its effects. Instead, we need to find strategies that can mediate the effects of trauma and enable students to progress through the educational pipeline. We know from the literature that absent intervention, the effects of trauma are long lasting and deeply hurtful.  To recognize brain plasticity and offer interventions that are beneficial, we can actually help traumatized students succeed.  Also, we need to have educators and counselors work together to create institutional trauma informed practices and this workshop will showcase 15 strategies that can be deployed to help students.  These are activities and actions and approaches (the three A's) that will enable attendees to take real strategies from the conference and use them immediately within their classrooms.  And, this presentation/workshop will also explain the whys of trauma responses and the reason we need to ask "why" when student act out or act in ways that are not within our defined "norms."  Indeed, we need to set aside assumptions about student behavior and deficit models and see the positives that can actually come with trauma recovery.  Those who have been traumatized are forever changed but not all those changes, despite common beliefs, are negative.  My articles and books will be made available to attendees, including Kimochis and a discussion on Kintsugi. 

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Thursday 10:30 AM - 4:15 PM

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    Karen Gross

    I am an expert in trauma and trauma informed education.  I have an award winning book titled Breakaway Learners published by Columbia Teachers College Press addressing student success among vulnerable populations. www.breakawaylearners.com I have a forthcoming book tentatively titled Gen Tt Goes to School.  I have numerous articles on trauma informed education. I am PFA certified.  I have been a university president, a tenured law professor and a Senior Policy Advisor to the US Department of Education.  I have worked with school counselors and taught at all grade levels.  I write a series of children's books, all of which are trauma sensitive. www. kidsbooksbykaren.com I recently spoke at the Creating Trauma Sensitive Schools Conference in Feb. in Washington DC on re-opening schools following a natural or human caused disaster.  One of the attendees suggested I reach out to see the opportunity to keynote at your conference, as I have been a Visiting Prof. at UBC and have visited University Hill School and its leader, Carrie Froese. I have participated in numerous conferences at UBC.  I have been a grant reviewer for the Canadian government and a tenure reviewer/article reviewer at UBC.