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Helping adults understand how predators or traffickers find, groom, and lure young people is integral to keeping kids safe from sexual exploitation. While statistics around sexual exploitation  in Canada are  lacking, we do know that there are many cases that go unreported. Educating more people about sexual exploitation  increases efforts to prevent this crime.


With many youth having to live their lives online during the  pandemic we have seen an increase in youth accessing social media to stay connected. SaferSpace gives them the tools to help keep themselves safe from online exploitation. Understanding the role technology has with respect to child/youth sexual exploitation also helps parents/caregivers realize the importance of talking to
their child about online safety and setting boundaries regarding technology use (e.g. application downloads, location settings, etc).


ITCHA is designed to teach adults (parent groups, service providers, police officers, social workers, nurses, school staff and hospitality workers) how to recognize, understand and prevent sexual exploitation .SaferSpace  takes a deeper dive into the world of online sexual exploitation, providing youth and adults  with more  information on how to keep themselves or youth to stay safe online.






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  • PLEA Community Services /Children of the Street and Onyx Program


    Camila Jimenez graduated from the University of Winnipeg in 2001 with a four year honors degree in Conflict Resolution Studies. Since moving to British Columbia in 2002 she has dedicated her work to the prevention and intervention of sexually exploited youth.  Her work began 13 years ago, educating service providers, educators, and youth across the province of BC about sexual exploitation, to coordinating prevention programs. In 2007 Camila joined PLEA Community Services of BC as a Program Manager to the Onyx Program; providing voluntary support services for sexually exploited youth in the Vancouver Coastal region as well as Children of the Street programming.  Camila continues building partnerships, and   providing education and awareness about sexual exploitation within the community.


  • PLEA Community Services/Children of the Street
    Courtney Liem



    Courtney has been working with vulnerable youth since 2013. In 2015 she completed her Bachelors of Fine Arts in Theatre Performance, at SFU, and in 2018 she completed her diploma in Child and Youth Care Counselling at Douglas College. She has been working for Children of the Street for the past year, and in that time has developed and presented six different Safer Space presentations for over 6,000 participants.