It Can Happen To Anyone/Taking Care of Ourselves and Others

ITCHA (It Can Happen to Anyone)


It Can Happen to Anyone (ITCHA) is a prevention-based workshop designed for parent groups, service providers, and community audiences. It includes an overview of youth sexual exploitation in British Columbia, case studies, trends of youth exploitation on and offline , and an overview of legal issues surrounding sexual exploitation. This workshop will feature live skits used to illustrate real stories on the issue. Facilitators who present our TCO2 (Taking Care of Ourselves, Taking Care of Others) workshop, will highlighted warning signs of an exploitative relationship, online exploitation, peer-to-peer exploitation, recruitment tactics pimps/exploiters use to manipulate victims in different scenarios impacting youth today. This interactive workshop will allow you to see how these scenarios are depicted in schools everyday for students across the province Grades 4-12, and help you recognise the signs of sexual exploitation to help support youth affected by this issue.

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12:15 PM - 1:45 PM

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  • PLEA Community Services /Children of Street and Onyx Program
    Camila Jimenez

    Camila Jimenez, is a national leader in the issue of child and youth sexual exploitation, having worked for more than 16 years on preventing children, youth and families from being affected by this crime and supporting them when it does. She manages Children of the Street, which provides more than 25,000 children and youth each year with the information and tools they need to keep themselves and their peers safe from sexual exploitation.  Complimenting her work on the prevention of this issue ,  she has dedicated much of her career to running voluntary support services for youth in a variety of communities who are being sexually exploited.

    She is a sought-after speaker, and has been called on to present at provincial, federal and international conferences, forums and events.  A mom of two small children herself, she understands the concerns of parents, and uses her in-depth knowledge of the issue to teach them how to keep their kids safe, both online and in real life.