RCY: Clarifying the Role and Function of Advocacy


In late 2005, Honourable Ted Hughes, a retired judge from Saskatchewan living in BC was appointed to conduct an independent review of BC’s child welfare system because of concerns raised by individuals within the child welfare system. This group felt unable to communicate with the government about the impact of budget cuts on children and families.  


In April 2006, Ted Hughes released his report which contained 62 recommendations for changes to the child welfare system, including the creation of an independent advocacy and oversight body – the Office of the Representative for Children and Youth. 


The Representative’s role and jurisdiction are defined in the Representative for Children and Youth Act and its regulations. Under these, the Representative can:





The authority of the Representative is defined by reviewable services: services or programs under the Child, Family and Community Services Act, the Youth Justice Act, and other designated services in the RCY Act.  Designated services are those government-funded services or programs provided for children and their families.


An RCY Advocate will provide an overview of the office, it’s mandate, and how we support children youth and young adults in the province of BC.  We will explain what designated services are, our intake process, when counsellors should call our office and what happens when an advocate is assigned.


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12:15 PM - 1:45 PM

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  • Representative for Children and Youth
    Tracey Eyles

    Tracey Eyles is an Outreach Advocate with the Representative for Children and Youth.