Narrative Therapy & Re-authoring Conversations with Children

Participants will be introduced to the basic concepts that inform narrative therapy: externalsing the problem, exploring the dominate story, attending to unique outcomes, developing the alternative story and scaffolding conversations. As post-structural concepts form the foundation of narrative ideas, we will spend considerable time working out what this means and how to orient our work from this perspective. Further, we will explore how re-authoring conversations / alternative storylines create new neuronal pathways that can be thicken to support change in the lives of children. We will focus on theory and skill development through conversation, group exercises, role plays and discussing clinical situations.

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Friday 12:30 PM - 1:55 PM

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  • The Narrative Project
    Ninetta Tavano

    Ninetta Tavano is a social worker with over 25 years experience practicing and teaching narrative therapy nationally & internationally. Her area of expertise is working with children who have experinced trauma, anxiety, attenton problems or family concerns. Ninetta has presented various topics at the BCSCA conference in previous years.