Complex Trauma: A restorative group

Do you find yourself...

constantly on alert, rigid, overwhelmed, or experiencing chaotic emotional responses? Or, do you feel numb and flat, shut down and disconnected from yourself? (Dezelic, 2013).

Life might seem like you are walking on a tight rope and that one small incident can either send you reeling or leave you completely shut down from yourself and those around you. You might find that you are attentive during the school day and then when you get home, you don’t have anything left to give. If these experiences sound familiar, this group is for you.

This workshop allows school counsellors to explore basic tenants of complex trauma and its effects on their lives while at the same time giving them an opportunity to offer and receive support. The workshop will allow participants to understand how complex trauma impacts their body, emotions, thoughts and relationships. To reflect on how complex trauma manifests in their lives and to connect with others who have similar experiences and to recognize your common humnaity. 

Group therapy offers many beneifts such as the ability to make sense of your own life while taking in the experiences of others in the group. Often these experiences are shared between group members and thus group therapy helps to reduce isolation, loneliness and shame. It also allows participants to build emotional intimacy with other group memebrs and it can often be more effective than standard individual therapy. 


Target Audience



Thursday 10:30 AM - 4:15 PM

This session is full.


  • Lavender Counselling
    Carolynn Turner

    Carolynn has worked with children, adolescents, adults and families experiencing the effects of trauma in many capacities. She began her counselling career working for the President of Anxiety Canada in her personal reaserch lab where she studied the anticeedents and effects of Anxiety. She then continued her journey as the family outreach therapist for Category H kids in social development programs for the Abbotsford School District. She is currently the Founder and Director of Lavender Counselling in Langley where she works with clients experiencing the effects of trauma. She is also a Clinical Advisor and Clinician with Wounded Warriors Canada where she delivers group therapy to veterans and first responders and their partners struggling with ptsd.