Understanding Post Trauma Moral Injury + the use of Sensory Dialogue + Symbolics in a trauma-informed school.

“emotional trauma is moral injury in need of soul repair”


Internationally recognized trauma therapist, author and creator of Tribal Theory facilitates this workshop that identifies the impact of post trauma moral injury on students and how we can help. Barbara demonstrates how counsellors and teachers can use Sensory Dialogue and Symbolics to help mentor students to ‘make meaning’ of their physical, psychological, cultural, and spiritual response to trauma. She also emphasizes the importance of creating both a culturally safe and eco-sensory school to mitigate and heal emotional trauma, support students acting out extreme emotional pain (bullying behaviour) and to introduce healthy coping strategies that students can adopt to respond to the crisis and adversity that they will continue to encounter in their lives.


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Friday 10:30 AM - 4:15 PM

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    Barbara Allyn

    Barbara Allyn is a certified trauma therapist and crisis-intervention professional with 25-years’ experience in active, front-line crisis response. Barbara has evolved into a thought leader and paradigm shifter, through her groundbreaking work on sensory dialogue, symbolics and post-traumatic growth. She is often featured on Canadian television and radio, in response both national and international traumatic incidents.

    As a highly-respected speaker, presenter and facilitator, Barbara brings a wealth of experiential learning from her work as a family mediator, adolescent clinical counsellor and classroom behavioural specialist. She created and now advances the unique, effective trauma-response framework that is Tribal Theory.  Barbara’s work is consistently described by frontline responders, counsellors and whole communities as culturally safe, practical and easy-to-apply, creating a powerful long term path to healing, post-traumatic growth and well-being.