The Forgotten Profession: The Importance of Teacher Wellness in Our Students’ Lives

The workshop covers three areas:

1) current societal, school and individual context of transformation and stress;

2) individual aspects of our own brain, self-regulatory system, emotional and psychological awareness, language usage and behavioural styles that cause us stress and strategies to help change some habits and perspectives; and

3) practical tools to build some new skills and confidence to change our relationship with our most difficult and challenging students, and in the end improve our wellness and overall mental health.

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A5 Friday 12:30 PM - 3:30 PM

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  • Northern Education Consultant
    Stace Burnard

    Stace Burnard has a B.Ed and MA in clinical psychology. She has held district level positions as a special educator, social-emotional consultant , and educational psychologist. She has most recently led a 5 year self-regulation initiative in Yukon and NWT.

    She has published articles in BCACC ( register clinical counsellors), AdminInfo and a number of BCTF magazines. She has presented at BCTF, FNESC and CCBD international conferences. She has recently completed a book on teacher wellness and runs an educational consulting firm,