Workshop Proposal

Thank you for your interest in presenting a workshop for BC School Counsellors. Please review the proposal information and complete the form to submit your proposal. We appeciate the time and effort you give to help school counsellors and partners stay informed and up-to-date with their skills and knowledge.

Please submit your proposal by June 17, 2022.

2022 BCSCA Provincial Conference

Planning for the BC School Counsellor's Association's (BCSCA) 2022 Conference is currently taking place with final plans not yet completed regarding the venue. We will definitely be hosting an online conference with the potential for in-person opportunities in a hybrid model. We went online in 2020 and held a very successful, well-received conference. Considering the success of our past online conferences and the convenience for counsellors from all parts of the province, we are continuing with the online format.  

Presenters must be able to present online. If you are unsure of how that could happen please let us know and we can help you brainstorm ways to make it successful. Training is available for presenters to help make the most engaging and dynamic presentation ever.

Delegates and organizers have reported many benefits to having an online conference such as:  

  • Delegates can attend in their jammies
  • Parking is not an issue
  • Presenters don’t have to travel
  • Presenters can present from their own home
  • Everyone gets their choice of food and drink
  • Everyone has their own bathroom
  • Everyone has a front-row seat
  • No one has to worry about a chatty colleague next to them
  • More spots per workshop
  • Much better chairs
  • Much better eco-footprint
The BC School Counsellors Association (BCSCA) 2022 Conference welcomes you to submit an abstract for presenting at our conference on OCTOBER 21, 2022. The 2022 conference theme is Counselling with Courage.

The 2022 Conference committee is looking for presenters who will provide information to our delegates related to Caring for Each Other.  


* We know there is top quality work happening around the province. We want to provide you with a wider audience for your skills and expertise.  

 * A hallmark of our conference is the top quality workshops    

* We want to include YOU  

We would love to have you join us at our conference presenting to our colleagues in the following topics:

  • caring for other
  • self-care
  • taking care of the business of counselling
  • caring for others
  • caring for the traumatized
  • other topics that may interest delegates
With each conference, we strive to bring together school counsellors, administrators, and community health professionals to share information about therapeutic techniques, skills, programs, practices, and policies related to school counselling at all levels. Our goal is to provide a conference that meets participants' interests and educational needs and also promotes community partnerships that will ultimately benefit counsellors, students, families, and communities. 

GENERAL INFORMATION: Complimentary registration is provided for each presenter upon request. 

PRESENTATION GUIDELINES:   Please let us know how long you want your presentation to be. Our workshops are presented in 90 minute sessions or one 60 minute session.

We look forward to hearing from you.

BCSCA Conference Team

Presenter Information

We will use this information to contact you. Only your name, bio, photo and the workshop description will be visible on the website. There is room for a second presenter at the end of the form.

Please submit your proposal by June 17, 2022.

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Briefly describe your professional expertise or areas of expertise relevant to this presentation. In other words, we would like to know how you have firsthand experience with the submission topic that you have chosen. Please include any publications or previous presentations that are relevant to this current submission. A brief summary is required, but a resume/CV may also be included.

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Presentation Information



Please provide us with a 50 word abstract which will be used to describe your presentation. NOTE: Delegates often use this information to make their workshop selections for the conference.

Educational Objective: (may be used in the conference brochure)

Please describe the specific skills, tools or knowledge delegates will take away from your presentation. Presentations that clearly articulate an educational objective (beyond a description of your program or service) will be given preference.

Second Presenter Information

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Third Presenter Information

I understand:

  • I am submitting a proposal for the 2022 B.C. School Counsellors Conference, taking place on October 21, 2022
  • My proposal may not be chosen by the Selection Committee for this years' conference.
  • I may contact the conference chair at if I have questions or if I need assistance in completing my application.
  • I will be notified via email whether or not my submission has been selected.
  • Workshops selected to present at the 2022 conference will receive presenter's information and links to training for presenters. It is my responsibility to participate in training and become proficient in making an online presentation.